Services – Hosting

Practical and affordable hosting solutions you can use to take control of your data today.

Services – Hosting

Practical and affordable hosting solutions you can use to take control of your data today.

Do you want your IT infrastructure to deliver greater cost saving, flexibility, scalability and competitive advantage? Buying and owning equipment makes growth and change hard to deliver, and new types of services less easy to introduce.

At Flexiion, we deliver hosted IT services that provide capability and capacity without the issues and constraints of ownership, and can help migration to IT that is more responsive to the needs of the organisation:

  • Tailored solutions personalised to each customer’s requirements.
  • Independent of location, and independent of systems and people.
  • Lumpy Capex is replaced by more manageable, cost-effective Opex.
  • Scalable to reflect growth of data, new systems and locations.
  • Private infrastructure in major Tier4 data centres ensures security and privacy.
  • Easy to deploy and manage centrally with a faster time to market.

For example:

Our centralised storage model provides a unified basis for organizations looking to take control of their data. Importantly, you know where your data is, who can access it and what can be done with it…Read more

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Private, shared or public Cloud options or a mix of them all are available depending on specific requirements…Read more

If your organisation relies on databases, then ensuring data accuracy and security is critical. Based on our centralised data storage model, our DBMS makes the handling of data easier. It also helps maintain the accuracy of information, which helps customers enforce policy-driven high standards…Read more

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How Flexiion can Deliver for you

Based on a centralised storage approach, we have straightforward solutions to put you in control of your data and how you manage it. This enables you to have a Unified Data Access and Protection Strategy that brings best practice to match the value and importance of the data in your organisation: