Hosted IT Infrastructure

Best-of-breed solutions from a partner you can talk to. Spend more time running your business not your IT.

Hosted IT Infrastructure

Best-of-breed solutions from a partner you can talk to. Spend more time running your business not your IT.

We provide our customers with flexible and affordable hosted IT services that protect business continuity and resilience. Dependency on data and IT systems has ballooned, and business continuity, best practice and governance require vigilance:

  • Business continuity processes haven’t kept pace with increasing dependency on IT systems
  • Valuable information can be at risk because protective processes are not independent and automatic.

Our hosted IT services can be used to address the growing business issues associated with buying and owning IT equipment that now look expensive and inflexible:

  • Capex is lumpy and the upgrades and extensions seem relentless and costly
  • New types of services are now available offering better prices and reduced workloads.

Existing systems are complex and don’t easily support new ideas and growth:

  • Aging equipment is running out of steam, burdensome to manage, and expensive to replace
  • New ideas for the organisation don’t seem to be able to be delivered with what exists today.

We work with our customers to devise the right solutions to fit their needs, and then build the infrastructure or service required. All costs are within our annual service fees, and we don’t charge support, consulting or project fees:

  • The customer remains in control of the solution, avoiding the low level IT work required to build and manage the network estate, which releases IT staff for higher value contribution in the organisation.
  • Avoids the costs and loss of control associated with outsourcing, allowing planning flexibility.

Secure, Private, Flexible: Best of breed solutions, in high-grade data centres in known locations. Since our services are rented, cash can be managed and services changed, stopped, or added to as needs change:

  • High availability infrastructure
  • Virtual and physical servers
  • Disaster recovery, storage data backup and archiving
  • File sharing and collaboration
  • DBMS
  • Centralised services with remote management.
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How Flexiion can Deliver for you

Based on a centralised storage approach, we have straightforward solutions to put you in control of your data and how you manage it. This enables you to have a Unified Data Access and Protection Strategy that brings best practice to match the value and importance of the data in your organisation: