Inspiration, knowledge from the Flexiion team.


Inspiration, knowledge from the Flexiion team.

Data Certainty & Control With our Enterprise-Grade File Storage & Sharing Solution

Do you need to be more certain about the way files are stored and shared in your organisation? Do you need greater control over this important business function? Our enterprise-grade file storage & sharing solution can give you that data certainty and control, quickly, easily and with minimal disruption. Length: 48 secs.

How to Choose IT Solutions for Your Organisation

Making the right decision about an IT service has never been more important. Use our simple decision-making aid to help you and your colleagues make well-informed and agreed decisions. Length: 1.19 mins.

Enterpirse-Grade File Storage & Sharing Solution - Benefits and Capabilities

If you have an urgent need for an enterprise-grade file storage & sharing solution, perhaps you're looking for a more dedicated service alternative to the branded, public-Cloud offerings, then this video will give you an insight into our secure, business-focused solution. It also includes a short tour of the service itself so you can see how easy it is to use. Length: 5 mins.

File Storage & Sharing Solution - FREE Trial

Request a FREE trial of our secure, enterprise-grade file storage & sharing solution and experience first hand its business benefits. Length: 30 sec.

Secure File Storage & Sharing That Supports Collaboration

Support managed collaboration with our secure file hosting & sharing solution. Keep control of your data whilst enabling your team to do what they need to. Length: 48 sec.

Data Management and File Storage & Sharing Services Need Firm Foundations

If your file storage & sharing solution is not based on firm foundations. If, for example, your use of a public-Cloud solution doesn’t provide you with the control and certainty you need, then managing where your valuable data is and who’s accessing it can be a challenge. Flexiion’s enterprise-grade file storage & sharing solution is base on our own private hosted platform in dedicated UK locations, which gives you the firm foundations you need to ensure you have real control over your data…where it is, who’s accessing it and what’s being done with it. Length: 48 sec.

Enterprise File Store and Share - When Your Team Really Needs it

If you’ve an urgent need to provide your team with a professional-grade way of storing and sharing important data, then we can help you with a dedicated, high-quality file storage and sharing solution, delivered quickly, and with minimum disruption. Length: 1.33 mins.

Why Us?

Why should you work with Flexiion? If you've a data challenge you need to address or you simply need a new service, we can help you. Importantly, we'll listen to you, understand your requirements and deliver what you need, when you need it at a price you're willing to pay. Length: 1.1 mins.

Compliant Data Management - Is Your Law Firm at Risk?

What are the data management challenges faced by law firms and other professional organisations? How do they take a step beyond legacy decisions and day-to-day operational necessity to take better control of their data to ensure compliance with current legislation? Length: 1.19 mins.

Data Management in Education

The way schools and colleges operate within their local communities has changed. They are now required to be in constant contact with pupils and parents, staff and governors. This has resulted in far greater pressure on data management. How can we help schools and colleges take control of their important data? Length: 1.35 mins.

Are you Responsible for Your Organisation's Valuable Data?

If you're not in control of your valuable data when will something go wrong? When it does, how will it impact your organisation? We can help you take control of your data today with our affordable and practical data management solutions. Length: 48 sec.

Take Control of Your Data with Centralised Storage

Take control of your data today with our centralised data storage. Know where all your data is, who can access it and what they can do with it. Length: 49 sec.

Data Management for the Legal Profession

Are you confident that your legal firm is totally compliant with current data management legislation? Do you know where all your valuable data is, who can access it and what they can do with it? If asked to, could you prove it? We can help you take control of your data today. Length: 51 sec.

Make Your Data Work for you

If 2019 is the year you've decided to take control of your data, then we can help you take control with affordable and practical data management business solutions. Length: 45 sec.

Getting Ahead, Planning for Success and Growth

If you want to get ahead of routine, day-to-day problem solving and plan for success and growth, then we can help with practical and pragmatic Cloud solutions that will maximise the value of your important data. Length: 1.16 mins.

UDAPS – File Hosting & Collaboration

This video takes a quick look at the business imperative of safe file hosting/sharing and collaboration. Can a Unified Data Access & Protection Strategy (UDAPS) enhance the management of these functions? Length: 1.12 mins.

Was GDPR a Worrying Data-Management Wake-up Call? Could a Unified Data Access & Protection Strategy (UDAPS) Help?

Can a Unified Data Access & Protection Strategy (UDAPS) help organisations respond to evolving data management challenges and responsibilities, including new standards and legislation? Length: 0.53 sec.

UDAPS - Straightforward Data Management

A short introduction to the Unified Data Access & Protection Strategy (UDAPS). Length: 1.29 mins.

Living With Technology

We now live alongside technology as a sort of silent partner, ever present but usually so far into the background that we rarely pause to marvel at the amazing capabilities that mankind now possesses. It is impossible to ignore the fact that not only is technology changing at a startling rate but our attitude to it and our ways of interacting with it are also changing at the same time. Is it any wonder that making lasting decisions has become so difficult? Length: 5.48 mins.

The Thinking CEO's Cloud - Cloud-as-a-Service, a Pragmatic View on Hosted IT

Attitudes towards IT can sometimes be constrained by predetermined ideas and approaches. A more open, pragmatic, practical approach can often unlock more opportunities to change, innovate and improve. Length: 0.47 sec.

Realise Your IT Ambitions - Cloud-as-a-Service

What is Cloud-as-a-Service and how could you use it to change the way you manage IT infrastructure and address your business and IT challenges more effectively? Length: 2.13 mins.

Matching IT Strategy With Investment Decisions

In our increasingly digital world, where the use of technology has never been more influential, do investors pay enough attention, early enough, to IT infrastructure or is it thought of as something secondary, only really talked about, understood and valued by technologists, geeks and nerds who supposedly know best? Length: 1.26 mins.

How Much Time Should Your Business Spend on IT?

Given our almost total reliance on IT, asking if it’s a poor use of anyone’s time is clearly a counter-intuitive question; how can anything as important as information technology be anything other than time well spent? However, split the question into two and it becomes a little more reasonable: Are the outcomes delivered by technology a poor use of time? Is the money and effort spent managing IT infrastructure the best use of an organisation’s time and resources? Length: 3.30 mins.

What's Driving Your Business Decisions Towards IT?

Is your IT strategy driven by business imperatives or by technology fashion and predetermined thinking and approaches? Length: 4.49 mins.

Technology in the Music Business

Tim Goodyer, who authors Fast-and-Wide.com, is an experienced journalist who has been reporting on the music business for over 25 years. In this 4 minute video Tim talks about the role technology has played in shaping the music business and how it will continue to do so. Length: 4.13 mins.

Using Technology & Data to Build Value - An Investor Perspective

Quentin Solt is corporate finance lawyer who specialises in early stage and fast growth companies. In this 6 minute video Quentin talks about the investment and due diligence process and the role of technology and data. Length: 6.22 mins.

A Matter of Perspective

This is the second Vine Tree vlog featuring Ross Tiffin, in which he takes an alternative look at our digital world. This time around, Ross is joined by his son Jamie, who is an experienced IT professional. In this 8 minute video they’re talking about how age and social drivers influence our view of technology, plus the growth of data and its implications. Length: 8.18 mins.

How Flexiion can Deliver for you

Based on a hosted, centralised storage approach, we have straightforward solutions to put you in control of your data and how you manage it. This enables you to have a Unified Data Access and Protection Strategy (UDAPS) that brings best practice to match the value and importance of the data in your organisation. Talk to us, we'll listen and then deliver what you need as a ready-to-go hosted service.
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