Data Safety – Business Issues

Is your data safe? Do you know where it is and who's using it? If asked to, could you prove it? Talk to us, we can help you with your data safety challenges.

Data Safety – Business Issues

Is your data safe? Do you know where it is and who's using it? If asked to, could you prove it? Talk to us, we can help you with your data safety challenges.

Our reliance on data has never been greater. Keeping it safe and secure is now a primary business function that can’t be ignored. If you’re looking for ways to minimise the risk of malicious data hacks or simple operational errors we can provide you with unified solutions to common data safety business issues.

Recovering a Past Version
Can you easily recover past versions of your data, either at specified times or by the changes that were made? If not, you don’t have a robust backup and complete protection. We can provide you with a time and version-specific data recovery solution that will give you peace-of-mind should the worst happen…Read more

If you can’t be sure of or you can’t demonstrate the safety of your data, i.e. you know where it is, who can access it and what can be done with it, then you’re probably not compliant with the growing amount data protection legislation like GDPR. We look for ways of making compliance simple to achieve in a practical data management programme.…Read more

Fragmented or sprawling data sitting on ad-hoc systems in multiple locations is hard to manage and vulnerable to costly data breaches. We help our customers take back control of their data through a practical, unified data access & protection strategy…Read more

Recovery Time
How long could your business operate without its valuable data? To avoid unnecessary business inconvenience or, more worryingly, damaging business downtime, we help ensure our customers’ data can be recovered rapidly and reliably…Read more

A Copy is Small Comfort
A data copy is simply a single snapshot taken at a particular time. It only allows the restoration of the data to that point. This may be useful, but it doesn’t give the protection an organisation needs. We help our customers move beyond simple copies to a more complete approach to centralised data backup, archiving and recovery….Read more

Data That Can’t be Recovered
If you’ve experienced this then you know how bad the situation gets and how important it is for business decision makers to avoid losing data forever. Our unified data access & protection strategy can help you take control and prevent the worst from happening…Read more

Avoiding Disruption
Simple data errors or more malicious actions can seriously disrupt any organisation, ranging from customer inconvenience, costly downtime or long-term reputational damage. Through our unified data management strategy, organisations can better protect themselves against the negative impact of a major data incident…Read more

Why Work With Flexiion?

If you think our data management solutions would work for your organisation, and it would help you take better control of where your data is, who's accessing it and what's being done with it, then what other benefits would your enjoy sourcing your file hosting & sharing solution from us here at Flexiion? This video discusses some of the reason why you may chose to do business with Flexiion, a partner you can easily talk to. Length: 1.1 mins.

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How Flexiion can Deliver for you

Based on a hosted, centralised storage approach, we have straightforward solutions to put you in control of your data and how you manage it. This enables you to have a Unified Data Access and Protection Strategy that brings best practice to match the value and importance of the data in your organisation. Talk to us, we'll listen and then deliver what you need as a ready-to-go hosted service.