Collaboration drives business, but the data used to support it must be managed. Talk to us, we can help you with your data access and sharing challenges.


Collaboration drives business, but the data used to support it must be managed. Talk to us, we can help you with your data access and sharing challenges.

If your business is reliant upon collaboration, be it internally or with external third parties, like suppliers and partners, then you’ll be actively sharing information. Data sharing enables effective collaboration within organisations in today’s dynamic and mobile world, but how is your organisation managing it? Is this functionality achieved in a safe, secure and compliant way, according to agreed policies?

If your collaboration is driven by technology and day-to-day operational necessity, i.e. individuals, teams or departments picking ad-hoc data storage and sharing tools with few thoughts about governance, data protection or controlling intellectual property, then you possibly have a data security and compliance issue.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage collaboration and address operational issues like:

  • Which Data – Not all data shared is the same: data about third parties such as customers, commercially sensitive data such as business strategy, financial information, and so on.
  • What Access – Different types of data will need to be accessed by different groups inside and outside the organisation, by different methods such as mobile or desk, and permission levels will need to be assigned.
  • What Protection – Each type of data will need appropriate protection, whether that is centralised, on-site or off-site, protection that allows recovery of a past version, or one-off archiving at the end of a project or period of time.

Then we can help.

Through a centralised data storage model, we can help you introduce a more unified approach to data management; one that:

  • Improves the overall transparency of all your data
  • Strengthens your data security and protection
  • Provides an environment that can be driven by policy not technology, and
  • Enhances the business value of the solutions that use your data.

Based on this single data storage platform, organisations can enhance collaboration by integrating and deploying business applications, like file hosting and sharing, confident that the underlying data is safe, secure and manageable, and supports business imperatives and policies, not technology.

In all instances, the data management solutions we provide, like central storage, file hosting and sharing, to help you optimise collaboration are:

  • Business appropriate – they do what you want them to do
  • Affordable
  • Delivered as ready-to-go solutions from a partner you can easily talk to.
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How Flexiion can Deliver for you

Based on a hosted, centralised storage approach, we have straightforward solutions to put you in control of your data and how you manage it. This enables you to have a Unified Data Access and Protection Strategy that brings best practice to match the value and importance of the data in your organisation. Talk to us, we'll listen and then deliver what you need as a ready-to-go hosted service.